World’s First Global MYHEMP RegTech Blockchain Verified Supply Chain

‘By utilising our MYHEMP (HEMP) token ecosystem for the highest global transparency standards for the


Hemp & Marijuana Industry

Who We are?
About US

MYHEMP.iO is a revolutionary decentralised digital ecosystem that provides blockchain solutions to the current global complex challenges faced by all farmers, manufacturers, business services, financial service providers, quality regulators and Government’s within the legal Hemp & Marijuana industry.

Our Mission

Our focus is to grant every global Hemp & Marijuana consumer legal and high-quality trusted Hemp & Marijuana products in an instant, whereby they can check agricultural origin, approval of Hemp cannabinoid testing, legal compliance, industry association verifications, governmental compliance and anything else related to the finished consumer product. On the medicinal side, governments can utilise our transparent ecosystem to validate the life-cycle of prescribed medicinal marijuana ensuring origin, quality and testing information is available on demand.

Our Vision

Our approach will revolutionise and decentralise the global system of Hemp and Marijuana consumption, whilst providing a transparent credible supply chain ecosystem that holds all supply chain stakeholders accountable from seed to finished goods consumer products in the form of Food, Drinks, Cosmetics, Household items, Construction and Medicinal. Our ecosystem allows flexibility for national regulators and governments to control and monitor their tolerances and variation limits.

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Who for
Ecosystem Overview Global Ecosystem Participants:

The MYHEMP.IO ecosystem provides a decentralised transactional system available to the Hemp industry that would always be visible to authorities under AML and CTF regulations. Our system is based on solid Know Your Customer/Client (KYC) principles.

Global MYHEMP.iO Ecosystem Outputs:

Team vesting

Premium Quality Products

Venture vesting

Always Trusted

Community vesting

Always Compliant

Community vesting

Always Consistent

Community vesting

Always Transparent

Overfall recognition

Boost your project's reputation

Whenever you share your affiliate link and who ever will buy MYHEMP(HEMP) token you'll get 5% commission of every transection made through your refrence link, If you sell more then 50,000 MYHEMP (HEMP) token through your refral link, HEMP issues you a certificate that cryptographically prove to everyone your commitment and you'll win amazing prizes anounced by HEMP token team.

Overfall recognition

How it Works?
MYHEMP Blockchain Workflow

Team vesting

01 Transaction

Once vetted, the MYHEMP ecosystem participant (i.e. seller) initiates a transaction via our PoA Smart Contract system with the MYHEMP specification details

Venture vesting

02 Network


The Smart Contract becomes live on within the MYHEMP ecosystem and the next participating block (i.e. buyer) in the sequence verifies the transaction based on contract credentials.

Community vesting

03 Authorisation

The Smart Contract must be authorised within the MYHEMP ecosystem by master nodes (i.e. Independant Product Testers and Global Government Entities) in order to continue the blockchain sequence.

Team vesting

04 Unified Data

The blockchain is authorised within MYHEMP.iO, the block approval cannot be compromised in any way and the supply chain verification process creates transparency for all parties involved.

Venture vesting

05 Added Blockchain

Once the block is verified it is permanently stored on the MYHEMP blockchain system and can be accessed at anytime by anyone within the ecosystem.

Community vesting

06 Complete

The smart contract is now executed and the initiates a transaction via our PoA Smart Contract system with the MYHEMP specification details.

Lueur Coffre


MYHEMP is introducing its own token named HEMP , it will strengthen our structure and grant holders various advantages.

All charges for our different services including future ones are and will be payable only in HEMP , making it a core element of our platform.
Total HEMP (HEMP)Supply: 100,000,000
3% Advisors
12% Team
10% Exchange Marketing
25% Liquidity Mining
25% Token Sale
25% Echosystem Development

The main benefits of owning $HEMP tokens are as follows:

  • Create or revoke a vesting and pay the associated fees in $HEMP .
  • Stake your $HEMP to earn part of the platform’s collected fees (more HEMP without supply inflation) .
  • Hold a natively deflationary asset.
  • Actively contribute to HEMP's future through governance.
What's to come


OCT 2021

  • HEMP Utility token investment start in March 2021

DEC 2021

  • Build team & involve independance governance entities

DEC 2021

  • start coding of HEMP System

APR 2022

  • MVP delivered launch HEMP

MAY 2022

  • 2% of HEMP Industry involve 8k orders per annum,
    UK, EU, Canada and Australia Clients.
    2Million Hemp Commission is distributed in Hemp Holders( EPT 0.07 HEMP).

JUL 2022

  • Proof HMEP

MAY 2023

  • License brand to industry to compete for best Hemp product catagory consumable

JUL 2023

  • Uk/ EU Clients Reached

MAy 2024

  • 5% HEMP industry invlive 2k orders per anum
    500k Hemp Comission ditributed between Hemp holders (EPT 0.02 HEMP)

June 2024

  • Start marketing USA, Canada and Australia.

May 2025

  • Start marketing Asia.

JUN 2025

  • 4% of Hemp industry involve 42k order per anum.

  • UK, EU, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, & Asia Clients.
  • 6M Hemp token Commission distributed between Hemp Holders
  • (EPT 0.18 HEMP)

MAR 2026

  • Start Marketing Africa

MAR 2026

  • 7% HEMP industry involved 42k orders per anum.
  • Africa Clients Reached
  • 10Million Hemp token commission distributed to HEMP Holders (EPT 0.34 HEMP)

AUG 2026

  • 10% HEMP industry involved 67k orders per anum.
  • Africa Clients Reached
  • 16 Million Hemp token commission distributed to HEMP Holders
  • (EPT 0.54 HEMP)

Dive deeper

MYHEMP has been smartly designed with collaboration from leaders within the global Hemp industry. We all have one common goal; how can we ensure our industry grows and develops with the right ethics whilst addressing challenges faced within the End-2-End Hemp & Cannabinoid supply chain. Our platform will reduce the complexity, ensure security, ease of use and low costs for all of our users! Find out more by reading our Litepaper.

Who we are
Our team

Find out who is behind this ambitious project, crypto-enthusiasts who firmly believe in the establishment of a secure and transparent world through decentralization.

Sonny Jhumat
Founder &

A top UK maths graduate who spans a 12 year careers within Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and is ‘Blue Chip’ trained with commercial management experience gained within global £bn businesses across branded and own label product categories in UK Multiple Grocery Retailers (Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl, Boots), Retail Convenience (Spar, Nisa, Costcutters), Wholesale (Booker) and Online (Ocado) trade channels. Highly analytical in approach with creative experience in delivering robust Joint Business Plans and category driven growth partnerships.

Dimitar Kolchakov
Chief Compliance & AML Officer

Over 13 years of institutional banking experience within: Branch network, Internal Audit in First Investment Bank and United Bulgarian Bank. Current roles include Head of Compliance and Control Department of the Bulgarian American Credit bank – Head of AML and DPO. Member of the AML, Payment, Legal and Security committee of the Association of Banks in Bulgaria (ABB). International compliance consultant in Fintech, Insuretech and Cryptocurrency businesses with more than 40 successful projects. Founder and Chairman of Bulgarian Compliance Association.

Philip Pentaliotis
Chief Corporate & Legal Advisor

Over 15 years corporate legal experience gained within strategic roles entailing Head of Legal Department, Legal Partner and many Legal Advisory roles to numerous industries including: Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Private Legal counsel to High Net Worth individuals, Space Exploration, Chemical Engineering, Healthcare and International Corporate Structuring. Current CEO of Pennfords Legal Services.